Carl De Moncharline - The Go to Guy in Belgium for the Creation of Epic Events

 Carl De Moncharline


By: Jean-Louis Préjean


Event creation, especially those needing professionalism and massive scale nowadays requires event organization experts. In Brussels, Belgium, one of the big names in event organization and pro management is Carl De Moncharline. He is a total cognizant in the field of event creation and has some mind-blowing credits to his name, which include both Belgian and international media names and opinion leaders – he has the address books of the circles so you can see that he has indeed established meaningful relationships with the local and international contacts. By that, you have to establish the fact that he really, really knows the tenets of his trade.

Carl De Moncharline isn’t only a specialist in event creation and event communication – he is also well known for his public relation works, press; he is a marketer and networker as well. He is particularly seasoned in the field of communication. His vast knowledge about all different areas in communication makes him a true expert and a revolutionary in this niche field. His expertise that is fueled by experience gleaned in the advertising, event, fashion and art industry allowed him to organize glitzy events like Roller Parade, Balloon's Day Parade, Art Trick Barter, Festival of Progress, Party Neighbors, Fiesta Latina, Brussels Fashion Days and the Mirano, Fuse, Who's Who's Land and Wood, references of Brussels nights.

The way he works is avant garde – he uses ‘Happy Few’ as his X factor where he brings people together. Also known aptly as ‘communication detonators’, he uses them to initiate conversations that organically grow into debates putting forth opinions that are conflicting that in turn become enriching. Carl De Moncharline opines that it is the power of communication within units of humanity that enables events gain the value of being bigger. He considers ‘Happy Few’ as his asset that he offers his customers. And clearly, his customers love it! They entrust brand building to this guy via his way of mobilizing audiences.

Carl De Moncharline says that the tools of his trade neither need to be important nor original – they just have to strike the right chord with people and magic happens. He applies the phenomena of generating deeper relationships that are bound to last than virtual communication that is impersonal.

Carl De Moncharline is cagey about the ways he does his business – but whatever they are, they’re surely winning hearts and minds!



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