15 Reasons why Bow Ties are a Wardrobe Must Have

Bow ties are not new to the fashion arena but rattan bow ties are something that set a precedent fashion statement. In that trailblazing veracity, Rattan Bow Ties by RACS beckon a revolution in the evolution of materials used to make bow ties. Hand crafted by artisans from Southeast Asia, these  Eco friendly and durable rattan bow ties redefine how bow tie fashion can be done – creatively distinct and very much unconventional.


Here are 15 reasons why you should have a bow tie perched on your collar, particularly these unique rattan ones.


1. Bow Ties are in vogue

For some years, bow ties had laid low. Now they are back roaring. And rattan bow ties are not only for men – it styles women as trendy chokers and an accessory, particularly rattan bow ties.

2. Bow ties are more versatile than you think

Gone are the days where bow ties were only paired with only tuxedos and formal men’s attire. Nowadays, bow ties rock casual clothing too, especially these stylish rattan bow ties.


3.  Women have started to rock bow ties

Women making the shift to own bow ties are a fashion migration no one saw coming. It is a definitely welcome development and one that our team envisioned.


4. Endless possibilities with bow ties

Bow ties are kind to the wearer – they fit any body type unlike conventional ties. And, like our unique rattan bow ties, bow ties are being made from uncommon materials like wood.

5. Bow ties are made keeping environment preservation in mind

Like how we make bow ties from scraps of rattan, recycling and recreating, bow ties are being made from other recyclable materials too. When you buy these bow ties, you know that you are giving back to nature in style.


 6. Gives you the look of intellect

People who shaped the world we live in with their genius in various fields were bow ties fanciers. The likes of Einstein and Churchill constantly wore bow ties in their lifetime. For more recent iconic men, look no further than Bill Nye the science guy and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

7. Bow ties make you look like you’ve got everything figured out

Since bow ties are quite often associated with erudition, even though you may just be a Jack of all trades master of none, people tend to view you as a person of higher collective cognizance in many areas. It’s good for calculated deception or simply getting looks of admiration.


8. Bow ties make a cherished gift

You don’t necessarily have to wear a bow tie to appreciate its value – it can be a prized possession gifted by someone you deeply connect with. Nowadays, they engrave messages/names on wooden bow ties, which is a cool idea of personalization. Each of our rattan bow ties is as unique as fingerprints hence they make fantastic gifts too!

9. Bow ties give variety to your wardrobe

A bow tie or two with your ties in your wardrobe definitely gets rid of invariable appearance. Add a fresh touch of classic style to yourself by sporting a bow tie now and then.


10. Morph into a ladies’ man

There is something about bow ties that make a man a woman catching magnet. Perhaps it’s the reputation bow ties carved for themselves. If you are going to wear a bow tie, you can’t appear shabby and women like well dressed men – you get the drift.


11. Bow ties are always on best behavior

You stick a bow tie on you and you forget about it. The bow tie makes you look good without giving you discomfort and hassle.


12. Bow ties need not be tied

Our bow ties are made from weaved rattan hence no tying is involved. Fasten it in place and you’re good to go – it doesn’t even take a minute.

13. Make a novel fashion statement

With our rattan bow ties, redefining a fashion statement becomes a foregone conclusion. You are bound to make others keep their eye on you longer – and strike up conversations.


14. Stand out in the crowd

It’s not very often that a person wearing a rattan bow tie is spotted. Curiosity will make you be a kind of celebrity – eyes will be on you and your rattan bow tie.


15. No washing required

Bow ties made from rattan don’t require washing.  A tissue wipe now and then is all what they need. They don’t get dirty from your activities too, being so close to your neck, unlike neckties.


There are many other reasons why you should have a rattan bow tie on you. Of these 15 reasons, which one resonates to you most?