How are the bow ties made?

The production starts with the gathering and sorting of the Rattan fibers from different manufacturing plants in the area. New rattan fibers are mixed with scrap fibers that are not suitable for basket or furniture production. Thus maximizing the use of the raw material than throwing it away. Giving it a second life.

Our artisans in Southeast Asia weave them using a traditional weaving technique that is known in their respective region.

A coat of natural varnish is applied to the rattan, which protects it from saturation and minor wear and tear. At the same time, it preserves the unique texture of the piece, and maintains its beauty. So don't fret if you see any minor imperfections on your bow tie. Each one is hand-made uniquely, for you.

Once the Rattan pieces are ready. They are shipped to us in Brussels, Belgium to be assembled by our seamstresses by attaching it to the fabric centerpiece and the neck straps one by one.

Then everything is packed and shipped out to you, wherever you may be in the world.

What neck size do the Rattan Bow Ties fit?

The bow ties come with an adjustable band with attached bow-tie hooks that fit between a 14” to a 25” neck.

Is it comfortable to wear?

Yes! The bow ties are very lightweight, that you could enjoy each time you wear it for a social event or just for casual wear. It's a great conversation starter and you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd.

What fabrics are the Rattan Bow ties centerpieces made of?

At the moment, we have cotton and a mixed fabric of cotton and linen in our collection. But we are also experimenting with other sustainable fabric such as Malong and Abacca which are fabrics found in secluded provinces in Southeast Asia specifically the Philippines.

How much does each bow tie weigh?

Generally, each bow tie weighs around 17g.

Tell us about your packaging.

We are trying our best to leave Zero Environmental Footprint, and because of that, we decided to follow others in using the Recycled Kraft Boxes for our packaging. Made from 100% recycled paper.

How big are the wooden bow ties?

Our Rattan bow tie is available in one size for now,10 cm x 3 cm. It is slightly smaller than the typical fabric bow tie.

How do I clean and store my Rattan Bow tie?

A quick wipe of a slightly damp cloth will do the trick. Avoid direct contact with water, especially the rattan part. After using, store it in a box or drawer to protect it from dust and moisture.