Juliette Berguet, The Lady behind Orybany – the Shop that focuses on Ethical Fashion and Sustainability


Juliette Berguet Orybany

By: Jean-Louis Préjean

Fashion has always played an impacting role in reforming societies, bringing together people and creating harmony. And today, this form of art is playing a leading role in protecting and preserving the environment and it’s termed sustainable fashion or Eco fashion. Sustainable living focuses on using recycled and biodegradable materials, producing minimal wastage as well as promoting social justice, non-violence and grassroots democracy. In Brussels, Belgium, Juliette Berguet owns a sustainable art shop, named Orybany and she is vying to make a positive difference by the tools of her trade.

 Juliette Berguet Orybany

We met Juliette at her shop one afternoon and had a chat with her and we found that talking to her is really inspiring. Juliette is 41 years old and has an 11-month-old baby – she told us how her little cherubic delight spurred her to have Orybany. She is motivated to create a better future for her baby. And her way of achieving that is by producing and promoting sustainable art in Orybany and inspiring others to do the same.


Juliette’s idea into business began in 2014 – she and her partner Liliane Malemo, who has, since, left the partnership decided to open a fashion boutique at the Tanners Workshop in Brussels. Then the duo realized that there are few shops that were willing to sell products from small creators who didn’t attend major art schools and thence Orybany was founded to fulfill that dearth. With help from 40 creators, she explains that a different crafter manages the shop – it adds to the diversity.

 Juliette Berguet Orybany

Juliette added that there was a need of space to exchange and share experiences of young artistic entrepreneurs – this was realized via the meetings with the creators. She says that the objective of Orybany is to discover new creators united by mutual ethical values and springboard roles via a human venture.” Orybany doesn’t only promote sustainability via arts. We also use water and electricity sparingly, “Juliette smiles. Well, talk about being thorough!


Orybany puts honesty into recycling – Juliette told us how she assists and guides the young designers to design furniture using recycled pallets using the method of collective reintegration – it’s a nifty trick indeed. “The labels Insane in The Rain is designed by a young English creator who manufacture raining jackets by recycling plastic bottles,” Juliette enthused. She is still passionate about fashion and the young creators also play the role of companion to make clothing.

 Juliette Berguet Orybany

Orybany give support and guidance to young craftsmen regarding their brands. Orybany has grown from a mere shop that makes and sells sustainable fashion and art pieces to a collective of where it’s all about support, guidance and exchange.


Juliette concluded that Orybany is created to honor sustainable fashion and the crafters who love to transform, re-energize and give a new life to the people.


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