Vincent Degryse, the 19 Years Old Inventor that vies to Spearhead Industrial Inventions

Vincent Degryse

By: Jean-Louis Préjean

As teens, we were preoccupied by homework, school, video-games and crushes - very few of us had a social responsibility and the thirst to make the world a better place. In the list of the few teenagers who aren’t insouciant and consider their talent not only valuable for their academic pursuits but to benefit sections of society is Vincent Degryse, a 19 years old Belgian inventor.


We met Vincent and talked to him about his inventing endeavors and his energy and passion for what he is doing are incredibly pulsating. He had been imagining and creating a concept of revolutionary generator for the past 4 years. The engine uses compressed air as fuel, reducing fuel consumption dramatically – needless to say that it’s environmentally friendly as it doesn’t release any noxious gases a byproduct. What makes this invention by this 19 years old young man absolutely terrific is the fact that after it’s complete, it could provide a village of 100 people with autonomous electricity. Nikola Tesla would be proud!

 Vincent Degryse

Vincent started his inventing stint at just 16 years old – he came up with the Eco-engine concept he named Agri-motor. He had already materialized this project using a 3D printer. As the model takes shape, it got us very excited and our admiration for this brilliant boy grew. Degryse says that 3D printer is very useful for him as it allows him to precisely print the parts of his engine.  Vincent is currently working on perfecting Agri-motor using the prototype printed in 3D dimensions.


With a clear reputation of being precocious and thoughtful, he came across a story about how pollution is affecting the world when he was 13 and it hit him hard. He began to note all the ideas he got, like realizing the plenteous supply of air, for free is a capital he could tap and all the ideas combined to create workable parts and that brought him to this stage in a gradual process. He had spent almost 4 years imagining, drawing and assembling the parts of Agri-motor. Degryse told us this,"At that moment, I told myself that I was young and that I had to use my age to create and innovate. I wanted to prove that I was truly a player in my life.”

 Vincent Degryse

Vincent Degryse displays a maturity beyond his age – he is realistic about his project and is accepting of the Eco-engine’s limitations like it not being able to work 100% with air. Not demoralized for one bit, he also hopes to help the agriculture industry with his Eco-engine while seeking to improve it in time. He certainly knows what he’s doing.

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