Yorick Efira, the Artist who Encapsulates Brussels Belgium’s Landscapes and Architecture with Cartons and Paint.

 By: Jean-Louis Préjean

Art has taken on many dimensions – the most telling is the medium used to express art. Various materials are being used to create mind-blowing art. In the same way, Belgian artist Yorick Efira uses cardboard, wood and acetate to create stunning replicas of Brussels Belgium iconic landscapes and architecture. His majestic works that are the epitome of creativity are fixed to the wall – like a painting. To get to know more about Yorick Efira and his outstanding artwork, we spent an afternoon at his home studio in Uccle. He was a welcoming and hospitable host and getting to know him and his art was an eye-opening experience.




JLP: Tell us about yourself.

YE: I am a visual artist; a painter and sculptor. I graduated from the Royal Academy of the City of Brussels.  I am inspired by my surroundings and I take that as the central theme of my work; like my friends, my family, me, my workshop or my city. Everyday things have so much to offer – all I do is look for what is generally missed.


JLP: Your latest work looks interesting – can you please talk about it?

YE: My latest work is “Notre-Dame du Sablon”. It was a particularly difficult project given the complexity and detail – many statues and it required great attention. I am a perfectionist. This artwork took place at Sostice du Sablon, Rollebeek Street 44, 1000 Brussels. This piece gave me a sense of self gratification – I am happy with the work I’ve done.


source https://yorickefira.carbonmade.com/


JLP:How has your work developed over the years?

YE:I began with painting and it was by chance that I branched to sculpture. Before long, my work became a combo of both, hovering  between 2D and 3D. It’s been five years since I made Brussels views my artistic inspiration niche. I love this city and its color – it has so much beauty.



JLP:What are you working on right now?

YE:I usually work on several projects at the same time. On one hand, I have private commissions - this can be people who ask me to do their homes or specific views, customized projects. On the other, I work on my personal production, which happens for this moment to be a search between painting and collage. I am concentrating more in the 2D looking for material effects and light reliefs.


source https://yorickefira.carbonmade.com/


JLP:What is the message that your art conveys? What do you hope people to derive from your art?

YE: Rather than a message, I think I convey an experience revolving around familiarity and cherished memories through my art. When people see my work, a painted and carved Brussels, they are brought back to their childhood. I think that my creations touch all generations - it’s unexpected and playful, thus appealing. I think that visual education is essential and powerful - what we see influences our lives. My work tries to reveal the sacred soul of what surrounds us; even a supermarket or an old sofa in the street has a soul to it and that’s reflected in my artworks.


JLP: How would you describe the art scene in Belgium today?

YE: Art in Belgium is much divided – there is no unification.  I see that happening extensively - between Flanders and Wallonia, between modern art and contemporary art,  between academics and street artist. I do not think it makes us evolve because there’ s a lack of the endeavor of pooling artistic creativity together.


It was great getting to know Yorick Efira, his art and insights. It definitely gave us a new perspective that help us view art as an entity to capture memories and bring people from all walks of life together.


                      source https://yorickefira.carbonmade.com/

                                            source https://yorickefira.carbonmade.com/

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