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    The Arts is a field that is normally at the bottom of the list of importance in youth education, as historically, art programs have been the first to receive educational budgets cuts. Unless a child has a financially secure family, they may not receive the proper resources to nurture and support the development of their artistic talent and interest early on in life.

      As creators, we at RACS, highly believe that interest breeds inspiration and inspiration breeds creation. Our products and partnerships with artistic communities around the world, especially those in less developed countries, would not exist if not for our belief in the power of the arts.

      To broaden our continued support of the arts, we decided to donate $5 for every hoodies and sweater we sell. We are excited to select the 4-star rated charity, Artists for Humanity, as our first charity of choice to be the recipient of these donations.

      Artists for Humanity aims to provide under-sourced youth a way to be self-sufficient, through paid employment in art and design.

      To learn more about the charity, please visit their website:

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