RACS Nito Bracelet
RACS Nito Bracelet
RACS Nito Bracelet

Lumawig Nito Bracelet

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Double Loop Bracelet made from 100% natural material, Nito is a climbing fern native to Southeast Asia. Lightweight & comfortable to wear, this hand-woven bracelet will add an elegant touch to your outfit. A perfect complement to elegant chic-inspired styles.

Rose Gold Plated Lock

✨ Includes a free elegant carry pouch


The size can vary slightly due to the nature of the material and them being handmade.


We want to help ensure you will have years of enjoyment from your RACS Nito bracelet. While they’re durable, Nito is an organic material that can be impacted negatively by the environment. Here are tips on how to care for and clean your RACS Nito bracelet for long-lasting wear.


While wearing your RACS Nito bracelet, avoid contact with soaps, insect repellents, sunscreens, or any harsh chemicals. Such products may cause discoloration or damage.


When not worn, store your RACS Nito bracelet in the satin pouch that came with your purchase. 



If your RACS Nito bracelet is beginning to look a little dull, simply put some olive oil on a soft cloth then dab the bracelet sparingly.


To ensure the longevity of the bracelet, we discourage wearing it in the shower or when swimming. Chlorine could alter the natural fiber and the plating of the materials.